We specialize in turnkey projects

VEGAL MeQ offers an extensive portfolio of tailor-made medical and comprehensive solutions for the healthcare sector.

Our solutions include the hospital and pre-installation designs and the complete execution of all types of hospital projects, with special emphasis on supply; installation; maintenance; IT systems and comprehensive certified training in state-of-the-art medical and biomedical technology. This includes the provision of a variety of mobile and field hospital solutions, as well as prefabricated solutions.

Thanks to the sum of its capacities and experience, VEGAL MeQ participates in all those projects that require integral equipment and state of the art healthcare engineering services.

VEGAL MeQ is present at all levels of healthcare services (primary, secondary, and tertiary), as well as in the design and management of all types of companies in the health sector. In addition, VEGAL MeQ is responsible for the development and implementation of all of the management and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) required in all healthcare facilities.

Our services and solutions can be applied and implemented at all levels of hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities, whether they are new or existing, as well as in the public or private sector.