Biomedical engineering and construction always hand in hand!

VEGAL MeQ designs and implements comprehensive medical equipment projects for all types of hospitals, whether they are tailor made/ personalized or turnkey. We identify the ideal and most advanced equipment, from the best and most renowned manufacturers in the world; with the choice made by each client and without being tied to any specific brand. Our goal is: “to provide the most suitable technology exclusively adapted to the needs of each project and client”.

VEGAL MeQ‘s work includes the analysis and design of complete solutions by checking the sustainability and feasibility of each hospital project, the technical and logistical advice, as well as its management and integral implementation.

We intervene both in the pre-investment and investment phases, taking charge of the identification, evaluation, preparation, planning and execution of each project.

Our main objective is to allow our clients, generally governments; construction companies; insurance companies and private health groups, to focus primarily on the matters of their specialty and their ability to maximize profits (in the items and/or activities of their core business). VEGAL MeQ is responsible for the overall provision of hospital equipment, ensuring full compliance with the required technical specifications, their support and subsequent approval, by the supervisory body. Once the final approval is obtained, we take care of the entire installation phase, test protocol, start-up, training of the technical user personnel; as well as the preventive and corrective maintenance demanded by the final client.

Recent Projects