Prompt delivery of Primary Health Care Centers

In VEGAL MeQ, we offer a model of Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC), based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization. With this type of prefabricated center, we have obtained excellent results in the Spanish National Health System.

After several decades of experience in the health sector, VEGAL MeQ has realized that primary healthcare cannot be limited exclusively to family medicine or a simple healthcare facility, but must also encompass basic specialties and specially those highly demanded by the population.

Our prefabricated systems can be delivered very quickly and are the basis for disease prevention and health promotion, as well as for the early detection of all kinds of illnesses.

Our Primary Health Care Centers are designed considering the size of the population and the possibility of offering the most needed medical services. They are simple, efficient, sustainable, highly comfortable centers with natural light in all areas; thus allowing the comfort of the patients and the visualization of the effort and concern of the health authorities in solving their health problems.

Based on the above, we have designed 5 models of PHCC. The first two, called M0 and M1, are intended for small populations and they offer basic medical services. The M2, M3 and M3+ models offer a range of medical services that could be defined as high quality and they even have an emergency room.