Integral compliance down to even the smallest technical detail

VEGAL MeQ‘s main objective is to allow its clients, generally governments; construction companies; insurance companies and private health groups, to focus on their core business and their capacity to maximize benefits in their areas of expertise.

Leaving all the healthcare engineering issues related to your project in the hands of VEGAL MeQ, allows your clients access to professional staff and highly specialized know-how. All our customers benefit, with complete peace of mind, from the considerable financial margins and technical advantages that come with entrusting us with these tasks and counting on a perfectly executed project.

The integral selection of the medical equipment, the most suitable hospital management & clinical records software, the assurance of full compliance with the technical specifications required by the end customer; as well as the assumption of all the support and final approval tasks by the supervising company (responsible for giving the approval of the medical and biomedical component of the project) makes VEGAL MeQ your ideal partner for the implementation of your hospital projects. Our work also continues in the phases of installation, commissioning, final conformity, end user certified training, guarantee and maintenance for the time that the project demands.

VEGAL MeQ aims to become one of the world leaders in the implementation and management of healthcare projects.

  • To develop and apply state of the art medical technology to all our projects, in order to improve the life expectancy of patients.
  • To provide proven solutions throughout the value chain in the healthcare sector.
  • To actively participate in the sustainable development and global well-being of the patient and the end user, always taking into account the “cost of ownership”
  • Enhance our business ecosystem to grow in a collaborative way whilst promoting synergies.
  • To become the world leader in hospital management and the implementation of healthcare projects.
  • To contribute in the improvement of the diverse solutions and services demanded in sanitary engineering and healthcare services.
  • To become a reference in the development and implementation of the “Social & Health” vertical.
  • To prevent the unnecessary deterioration of equipment in recently built hospitals and to offer the required maintenance in those already existing.
  • Our values define the way we work. We are always involved with our customers by working side by side. We are part of their solution.
  • Our multidisciplinary team deliver its experience and knowledge based on the values we wish to transmit:
  • Full Implication
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Simplicity
  • Generosity
  • Tolerance