Hospital Planning and Implementation

VEGAL MeQ has integrated, into its structure, leading professionals with vast experience and prominent careers in the health sector as a fundamental pillar of its international positioning and leadership.

Its management committee is made up of former directors and general managers, as well as former heads of regions and countries of the largest healthcare companies and groups in Europe and worldwide, which have contributed to the consolidation of VEGAL MeQ´s know-how and experience in the international market.

VEGAL MeQ is also made up of several renowned companies in the healthcare sector, which have more than 30 years of experience in executing a variety of health projects. Its own founders, SIVSA IT Solutions and COREMAIN, are two leading companies in the area of global services in information technology in the healthcare sector: as well as in hospital and medical records management. It is also conformed by PROJECTS, EQUIPMENT & SOLUTIONS S.L. and MEDICAL DEVELOPMENT SAC, both renowned hospital planner and consultancy firms in Europe and Latin America in clinical hospital engineering, integral healthcare equipment and implementation of medical projects. They have provided their services to the largest hospital groups in Europe and the world (such as VAMED AG from Austria and Hospitalia International from Germany, both companies belonging to the FRESENIUS GROUP). BUSA VEHICULOS ESPECIALES SAC, national leader in the manufacture of mobile units since 1957 is also a part of VEGAL MeQ.

VEGAL MeQ is additionally supported by the strength, experience, and financing of the KIOM Corporation, which is a group specializing in the development and application of new technologies to improve the lives of people and patients in general.

We also cooperate, in a very successful way, with H&R CONSULTING and VEGAL GROUP, leading companies in the international supply of medical, pharmaceutical and pre-fabricated healthcare equipment; as well as with NSM solutions and RAA Architects with extensive experience in the implementation of modular projects. In collaboration with funding4health, a German organization specialized in the co-creation and financing of technology and innovation activities, we accompany our clients to successfully face the challenges of technology and innovation entrepreneurship. By connecting science, education and business, we integrate their solutions into the world’s most valuable value chains.

The sum of these talents makes VEGAL MeQ your ideal choice when it comes to maximizing benefits, planning, selecting, acquiring, implementing, training and maintaining your medical equipment and hospital management systems.