State-of-the-art technology adapted to the needs of each client!

In faithful compliance with the motto: “We do it for you”, of our main founder, VEGAL MeQ takes care of the complete planning and equipment process of all kinds of hospital projects.

Our solutions range from the planning, implementation, commissioning and delivery of “turnkey” hospital projects; including the end user training and integral maintenance of the installed equipment for as long as it is required by the client.

The key to our success is based on the perfect synergy between an extremely qualified service, oriented to the maximum respect and coordination with all the interlocutors of a hospital project (i.e.: planner, supervisor, construction firm and end user), and the application of internationally recognized health standards. VEGAL MeQ, solutions and services, can be implemented in all types of hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities, whether new or existing.

We always look after the interests of all of our clients. We count on a permanent “hotline” to immediately solve all your queries, needs and expectations.