Providing all kinds of mobile solutions for your specific needs

At VEGAL MeQ we understand that the main objective of any mobile healthcare program is to provide emergency assistance and give prioritized attention to any population with difficulties in accessing the main healthcare facilities and/or specialized ones. With our mobile systems we can make the most of limited resources, both from the point of view of healthcare professionals and high-cost specialized equipment.

Our mobile units respond to a new and exclusive concept that allows us to offer complete, equipped and fully functional medical facilities. Mobility is achieved thanks to meticulous bodywork with side elements that can be folded manually or automatically, and that can be used individually or attached to each other so that the unit has as many interior divisions as necessary. These solutions are also prepared for air, sea or river transport.

By having all the required equipment already incorporated, our mobile units have a great autonomy during long periods of use. If desired, they can be kept in one place permanently or semi-permanently by connecting them to an independent power source or the water and sewage network itself.

Our mobile hospitals are self-sustaining as they have their own heating and air conditioning systems, as well as sanitary drinking water tanks and septic tanks. VEGAL MeQ also specializes in the manufacture, bodywork and equipment of all types of urban and rural ambulances of all levels.